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80g Heat Sublimation transfer printing paper

80g Heat Sublimation transfer printing paper

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Product name: 80


80g Heat Sublimation transfer printing paper
Color: White
Material Type Sublimation paper
Type: Dye sublimation Paper
Usage: Fashion Garments,Textiles, Home Furnishing
Printer: ink-jet printer, digital sublimation printer
Width: 600mm--3200mm
Ink: Sublimation Ink

Characteristic of our sublimation paper
1. Great for holiday, birthday or personal celebration gifts.
2. Incorporate photographs or a personalized message.
3. Flexibility and quick turnaround allows order fulfillment with minimal lead time.
4. Add on extra sales (and profits) with a wide array of items made from a single system.
5. Bright and white (not pure white),Creating vibrant images on paper
6. Waterproof and instant dry
7. Heat sublimation paper which specialized for Sublimation Ink.
8. Printed photo can be kept over 80 years
9. 100% ensure the gram weight verity 5%
Suitable Printer:MS-JP/ Reggiani / DGI / D-gen / Mimaki / Roland / Mutoh / Eposn / Ricoh / Starfire / Konica / China-Made printer with Epson DX5 / DX6 / DX7 / 5113

1. Heat transfer dye sublimation paper
2. Professional mate resolution
3. 100% waterproof, instant dry
4. Offer best printed quality from your digital camera or scans
5. Work on all inkjet printers, sublimation printer,indoor printer
6. Special ink: use sublimation ink to print
7. Package: 100m per roll, 2 rolls in a carton, 100sheets per pack etc.
8. Different format:A3 A4 17" 24" 36" 44" 63" 64" 70" 70" 126" OR as customers' requirement.
9. Transfer the printed paper to fabric textile with good result.
10. Bright color, washable
11. Note: this kind paper must be printed by inkjet printers with sublimation ink, could not use on 100% pure cotton textile,if you want to transfer polyester cooton fabric or t-shirt garment, the cotton composition should be less than 30%.
12. Sublimation paper is specialized paper for sublimation ink, natural color, transfer rate highly up to 95%.
Used for:
1.Printing on polyester and polymmid(Lycra, Nylon)fabrics used in sportswear and outdoor wear in general.
2.Printing on mixed synthetic fabrics(min 60% of synthetic fibres) used in sportswear and outdoor wear in general.
3.Printing on plastic substrates used in the manufacturing of sport equipment such as ski, snowboard, skateboard, windsurf, etc.
4.Printing on every substrates (wood, cermics, glass) overprinted with polyester-based or polyammid-based coatings.

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