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60cm I3200 All in One DTF Print and Powder Dyer Machine

60cm I3200 All in One DTF Print and Powder Dyer Machine

The DTF process is as simple as the name implies - print on film and then transfer directly to fabric. The most important factor that makes this process worthwhile for more people is the freedom to choose almost any fabric. Whether it's polyester, cotton fiber, silk or synthetic fibers like rayon or terry, the DTF printing process is sure to work wonders in it. DTF is a process that uses a heat press mechanism to transfer the print onto a fabric or other substrate. Unlike the DTG method, which is only available for cotton fabrics, the printer DTF method is available for cotton and polyester blends.

DTF printing maximizes the value of your personalization. The pursuit of trends and individuality has long been a way for many people to realize their self-worth, perfectly reflected in their lives. Now, DTF printing can reflect any recognized value in your items.

1. T-shirts. One of the most common products that DTF printing is used for is the T-shirt. T-shirts are always in high demand and can be used for a variety of purposes, from school to sports to other organizations.

2. Pockets on hoodies or shirts. Printing on t-shirts can be easy, but when you want to print on t-shirt pockets or the front pocket of a hoodie, DTF printing can help you print on these difficult areas of clothing.

3. Hats. From baseball caps and trucker hats to other styles of hats, it can be difficult to print them without damaging them. DTF printing technology allows you to print logos and designs on hats with challenging shapes.

4. Print labels. Many apparel companies choose to print labels inside their apparel products, and DTF printing is one way to accomplish this.

5. Shorts/Pants. Unlike T-shirts and other apparel, DTF printing allows you to print logos and designs on shorts or pants.

6. Bags. DTF can be printed on totes, fanny packs, wallets, drawstring bags and many other types of bags.

7. Flags/Banners. DTF printing does not have to be limited to wearable fabrics. Other items, such as flags, banners and tablecloths, can be printed on for events and exhibits.
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